Comparison between white phosphorous and red phosphorous

S.N Properties White phosphorous Red phosphorous
1. Colour Light yellow Red
2. Smell Light garlic Smelless
3. Physiology Poisonous Non-poisonous
4. Conductivity Bad conductor Semiconductor
5. Density 1.81 g/cm3 2.1 g/cm3
6. Melting point 44ºc 500ºc
7. Ignition temperature 30ºc 240ºc
8. Phosphorescence Glows up in dark Does not glow in dark
9. Solubility in Cs2, C6H6, CCl4, etc. Soluble Insoluble
10. Action of NaOH PH3 gas is evolved No reaction
11. Action of CuSO4 Formation of black ppt. of Cu3P2 No reaction
12. Molecular formula P4 Complex polymer
13. Stability Unstable stable
14. Chemical reactivity Very reactive Less reactive

Amine-induced phase transition from white phosphorus to red/black phosphorus  for Li/K-ion storage - Chemical Communications (RSC Publishing)

Image source: rscpublishing





 Comparison between white phosphorous and red phosphorous