Difference between Valve and Transistor

S.N Valve S.N Transistor
1. The charge carriers of valves are electrons. 1. The carriers of the transistors are the electron and holes.
2. In a valve the charge carries are provided by heater called hot cathode. 2. In a transistor, charge carriers are provided by emitter. No heater or heating elements are required.
3. It is not so efficient because large power is wasted in heating. 3. It is more efficient than valves since there is no wasting in heating.
4 A valve needs high power source of a few hundred volts. 4. It needs low power sources of a few volts.
5. A valve requires vacuum on its construction. 5. It does not require vacuum on its construction.
6. A valve does not work instantaneously since time is needed for heating. 6. It works instantaneously as the switch is on.
7. A valve has large size and more weight due to which it is not suitable to use in different electronic applications.

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7. It has small size and light weight due to which it is more suitable to use in the modern electronic applications.

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Difference between Valve and Transistor