Differences between apes and man

S.N Apes Man
1. They have small brain box ranging from 395 cc (Orangutan); 400 cc (Chimpanzee) to 520 cc (Gorilla). Man has a large brain box 1200-1400 cc.
2. Occipital condyles posterior. Occipital condyles anterior.
3 Have a semi erect posture. Has a fully erect posture.
4. The backbone forms a simple curving arch. The back bone forms S- shaped curve and supports the body weight well.
5. Head is buried in the heavy shoulders. Head is well placed on slender neck.
6. Massive jaws without prominent teeth. Small jaws with prominent chin.
7. Flat skull with a flat nose. Large skull with a raised nose.
8. Incisors and canines teeth are larger. Incisors and canine teeth are smaller.
9. Arms are longer than legs. Arms are shorter than legs.
10. Neck muscles allow less movement of the head on the neck. Neck muscles allow more movement of head on the neck.
11. The thumb does not reach the base of the fore fingers. The thumb extends up to the middle joint of the fore fingers.
12. They have much less ability and cannot manufacture tools. Man has the ability to make and employ tools, speak and write well.
13. Thick growth of hairs on complete body. Hairs only on certain part of the body.
14. Less intelligent. More intelligent.
15. Elongated pelvic girdle. Broad pelvic girdle.
16. ‘U’ shaped jaw. Semicircular jaw.
17. Thumb is parallel to palm. Thumb is opposable.

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Differences between apes and man