Differences between blood and lymph

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1. It is red coloured liquid connective tissue due to presence of haemoglobin in RBCs. It is colourless liquid connective tissue due to the absence of RBCs.
2. It is found in blood vessel. It is found in lymph vessel.
3. It is formed of blood plasma, erythrocytes and platelets. It is formed of blood plasma and leukocytes only.
4. Haemoglobin is present in RBC. Haemoglobin is absent.
5. Blood plasma contains more proteins, calcium and phosphorous. Plasma contains less proteins, calcium and phosphorous.
6. It transports materials inside the body. It exchanges materials between the blood and tissue cells.
7. Glucose concentration is less in blood. Glucose concentration is higher in lymph.
8. Amount of CO2 and other metabolic wastes is normal. Amount of CO2 and metabolic wastes is much more.
9. Its flow is slow.           Its flow is rapid.
10. Leukocyte count relatively less. Leukocyte count is high.
11. It has bidirectional flow. It has unidirectional flow.
12. Oxygen is present. Oxygen is absent.
13. It flows in a continuous loop. It flows in an open circuit.
14. It is associated with circulation of oxygen and carbondioxide. It helps in body defence and is a part of immune system.
15. It falls under circulatory system. It falls under lymphatic system.

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Differences between blood and lymph