Differences between Culex and Anopheles mosquitoes

     Phase                  Culex                    Anopheles




1. vertically laid in clusters on the surface of water. 1. laid singly and horizontally on the surface of water.
2. cigar shaped. 2. boat shaped (spindle shaped).
3. not provided with lateral air floats. 3. two lateral air floats are present.
4. laid on dirty water. 4. laid on clean water.




5. Bottom feeder 5. Surface feeder
6. respiratory siphon is long. 6. respiratory siphon is short.
7. forms an angle inside water. 7. remains parallel with water surface.




8. colourless. 8. green in colour.
9. respiratory trumpets are long and narrow. 9. respiratory trumpets are short and wide.
10. abdomen is less bent. 10. abdomen is more bent.
11. head is large. 11. head is small.








12. body with stouter legs. 12. body with delicate legs.
13. wings are transparent. 13. wings are spotted.
14. can fly for a long distance 14. cannot fly a long distance.
15. small palpi near the proboscis present. 15. proboscis and palpi are of same length.
16. body lies parallel to the surface at rest. 16. body is inclined at an angle of 45® to the surface.
17.transmits filarial parasites. 17.transmits malarial parasites.

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Differences between Culex and Anopheles mosquitoes