Differences between exotoxin and endotoxin

S.N   Exotoxin Endotoxin
1. It is released outside the cell. It is present inside the cell membrane and released only when the cell lyse.
2.  It is proteinous in nature. It is lipoproteinous  in nature.
3  It is heat labile generally. It is heat stable generally.
4 It is mostly secreted by gram positive bacteria. It is secreted by gram negative bacteria.
5 It can be converted to toxoid. It cannot be converted to toxoid.
6  It often has enzymatic action. It does not have enzymatic activity.
7 It is highly antigenic. It is less antigenic.
8 It is highly toxic in minute dose. It is moderately toxic.
9 It is filterable. It is not so filterable.
10 It gets denatured by boiling. It does not get denatured.
11 It is less stable. It is more stable.
12 It has high degree of specificity. It has low degree of specificity.
13 Its molecular weight ranges from 50-1000 kDa Its molecular weight is 10 kDa.
14 Chromosomal genes contain synthesis. Extra chromosomal genes contain synthesis.
15. Fever won’t occur in host. Fever occurs as it is pyrogenic to host.
16 It causes botulism, gas gangrene, tetanus, cholera, plague, etc. It causes salmonellosis, typhoid fever, endotoxic shock.

Exotoxins vs Endotoxins- Definition and 29 Major Difference

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Differences between exotoxin and endotoxin