Differences between female and male pelvis


S.N Female Male
1. It is light and thin. It is heavy and thick.
2. False (greater) pelvis is shallow. False (greater) pelvis is deep.
3. Pelvic brim is large and oval. Pelvic brim is smaller and heart shaped.
4. Acetabulum is small and faces anteriorly. Acetabulum is large and faces laterally.
5. Obturator foramen is oval. Obturator foramen is round.


6. Pubic arch is greater than 900.

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Pubic arch is less than 900.

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7. Iliac crest is less curved. Iliac crest is more curved.
8. Ilium is less vertical. Ilium is more vertical.
9. Greater sciatic notch is wide. Greater sciatic notch is narrow.
10 Coccyx is more movable and more curved anteriorly. Coccyx is less moveable and less curved anteriorly.
11. Sacrum is shorter, wider and less curved anteriorly. Sacrum is longer, narrower and more curved anteriorly.
12. Pelvic outlet is wider. Pelvic outlet is narrower.
13. Ischial tuberosity is shorter, farther apart and more medially projecting.

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Ischial tuberosity is longer, close together and more laterally projecting.

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Differences between female and male pelvis