Differences between genotype and phenotype

S.N  Genotype        Phenotype
1. It is the genetic make-up of an organism. It is the morphological appearance of an organism.
2. By knowing the genotype, phenotype of individual can be assessed. By knowing the phenotype, genotype may or may not be assessed.


3. It remains the same throughout the life of an individual. It may change with time and environment. E.g. infant, young and old.
4. It is not influenced by phenotype. It establishes the boundaries within which a phenotype can be expressed.
5. It cannot be studied directly. It can be known through direct observation.
6. Individuals with different genotypes may have similar phenotype. Individual with different phenotype usually have different genotypes.
7. Examples- The gene responsible for the eye color.

The gene responsible for the hair color.

Examples-phenotype is the physical appearance of that like hair color, eye color, weight, the ability to roll one’s tongue.
8. Partly inherited by offspring, as one of the two alleles is passed on during reproduction. Cannot be inherited.

Phenotype And Genotype - Mendelian Concepts - MCAT Content

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Differences between genotype and phenotype