Differences between homogeneous and heterogeneous mixture

S.N Homogeneous mixture Heterogeneous mixture
1. The prefix “homo” indicate sameness. The prefix “hetero” indicates difference.
2. It has uniform composition. It has non uniform composition.
3. All solutions are homogeneous mixture. All suspensions are heterogeneous in nature.
4. Component particles are distributed equally. Component particles are unevenly distributed.
5. Particles cannot be seen by our naked eyes. Particles can be seen by our naked eyes.
6. Particle size is small. Particle size is large.
7. The whole mixture is in the same phase. Substances can be of two phases and layers may separate.
8. Components cannot be separated easily. Components can be separated easily.
9. Cannot have physically distinct parts. Have physically distinct parts.
10. Examples : sugar solution, salt solution,  air,  etc. Examples: sea water, concrete, sand and water, etc.

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Differences between homogeneous and heterogeneous mixture