Differences between hormones and enzymes

S.N                            Hormones                          Enzymes
1. These are secreted by endocrine glands. These are secreted by exocrine glands.
2. They are poured directly into the blood stream. They are released through the ducts.
3. They have low molecular weight. They have high molecular weight.
4. They can diffuse through the cell membrane. They cannot diffuse through the cell membrane.
5. May act on the different site other than where they are produced. May act at the site of their origin or may pass to their site of action through ducts.
6. Hormone regulated processes are not reversible. Enzymes regulated processes are reversible.
7. Known as the chemical messenger of the body. They don’t carry the messages.
8. They may be aminoacids derivatives, peptides, proteins or steroids in nature. They are always proteinaceous in nature.
9. Produced in less quantity. Produced in more quantity.
10. Involved in metabolic activities. Involved in digestion.
11. Reaction is slow. Reaction is fast.
12. Tend to change with age. Do not change with age.
13. Excess or reduced levels cause diseases. Insufficiency  causes diseases
14. They are not known as catalyst. They are known as biological catalyst.
15. Have diverse functions in controlling growth, development, and reproduction. Have unique or essential functions in the body.
16. Not affected by temperature and pH. Affected by temperature and pH.
17. Controlled by feedback (secretion or production) mechanism. Controlled by hormone, physical or chemical effects.
18. e.g: growth hormone, ACTH, prolactin, parathormone, androgen, etc. e.g: lipase, catalase, hydrolase, amylase, etc.

Difference Between Enzymes and Hormones (with Comparision Chart) - Bio Differences

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Differences between hormones and enzymes