Differences between meristematic and permanent tissues

S.N Meristematic tissues Permanent tissues
1. Cells are continuously dividing and the process is rapid. Cells do not divide continuously.
2. Thin walled cells. Thin walled or thick walled cells.
3. Made up of simple undifferentiated  cells. Cells are differentiated.
4. Have power of cell division. Do not have power of cell division.
5. Cells are compactly packed. Cells are not packed compactly.
6. Intercellular spaces are absent. Intercellular spaces are present.
7. Metabolic activities are high due to active cell division. Metabolic activities are less due to absence of active cell division.
8. Cell wall is made up of cellulose. Cell wall is made up of cellulose, hemicelluloses or lignified.
9. Help in primary and secondary growth of plant body. Add to the various growth and other vital functions.
10. Vacuoles are usually absent. Vacuoles are present.
11. Shape is definite. Shape is not definite and variable.
12. Distinct nucleus and dense cytoplasm present. Distinct nucleus with normal cytoplasm or cytoplasm is absent.
13. Cells are always living. Cells are living or dead.
14. Cells are smaller and isodiametric shape with large lumen. Cells are large with wide or narrow lumen.
15. They are restricted certain part of the plant body. They are found throughout the plant body.
16. No storage function. Some tissues have storage function.
17. Cellular inclusions and ergastic substances are absent. Cellular and ergastic substances are present.

Tissue and Other Levels of Organization: The Plant Tissues and Permanent  Tissues- FlexiPrep

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Differences between meristematic and permanent tissues