Differences between photosynthesis and respiration


S.N Photosynthesis Respiration
1. An anabolic process. A catabolic process.
2. Complex organic food is synthesized from simple inorganic food. Complex organic foods are oxidized into simple inorganic forms.
3. Carbon dioxide is absorbed. Carbon dioxide is evolved.
4. Oxygen is evolved. Oxygen is absorbed.
5. It occurs in presence of light. It occurs day and night. Light is not essential for this process.
6. It occurs only in green plants. It takes place in all plants and animals.
7. Presence of chlorophyll is necessary. Presence of chlorophyll is not necessary.
8. Food is accumulated and dry weight of plant is increased. Weight decreases due to consumption of food.
9. Carbon dioxide and water are used as raw materials. Glucose and oxygen are used as raw materials.
10. It is an endothermic process. It is an exothermic process.
11. Energy is stored during this process. Energy is released during this process.
12. It occurs in chloroplast. It occurs in mitochondria and cytoplasm.
13. The end products are glucose and oxygen. The end products are carbon dioxide and water.
14. Radiant energy is converted to potential energy. Potential energy is converted into kinetic energy
15. One glucose molecule is synthesized. One glucose molecule is oxidized.
16. 18 ATP molecules are utilized. 38 ATP molecules are formed.

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Differences between photosynthesis and respiration