Differences between soaps and detergents

S.N Soaps Detergents
1. These are sodium salts of long chain fatty acids. These are sodium salts of a long chain of benzene sulphonic acid.
2. These are prepared from plants or animals fats. These are prepared from hydrocarbon of petroleum.
3. Relatively weak cleansing action. Relatively strong cleansing action.
4. Not suitable for washing with hard water. Suitable for washing with hard water.
5. Insoluble or less soluble in hard water. Easily soluble in hard water.
6. Biodegradable in nature. Non biodegradable in nature.
7. These are harmful to skin. These are not so harmful to skin.
8. These are not suitable for delicate clothes. These are suitable for delicate clothes.
9. These are cheap. These are expensive or costly.
10. They clean better in hot water. They clean in both hot or cold water.
11. Examples: sodium stearate (C7H35COONa). Examples: sodium lauryl sulphate (C12H25SO4Na+).

Soaps and Detergents - Chemistry LibreTexts

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Differences between soaps and detergents