Differences between xylem and phloem

S.N Xylem Phloem
1. Made up of dead cells except xylem parenchyma. Made up of living cells except phloem fibres.
2. Conducts water and minerals from roots to the leaves. Conducts prepared foods from leaves to the different parts of the plant.
3. Also called wood. Also called bast.
4. Composed of vessels, tracheids, parenchyma and fibers. Composed of sieve tube, companion cell, parenchyma and fibers.
5. Provides mechanical support. Do not provide mechanical support.
6. It is present in large amount. It is present in less amount.
7. Transportation is unidirectional. Transportation is bidirectional.
8. Most of the cells are thick walled. Most of the cells are thin walled.
9. Tylose is formed.  Tylose is not formed.
10. Present inner to the vascular cambium. Present outer to the vascular cambium.
11. Xylem fibres are smaller. Phloem fibres are usually larger.
12. Tracheids and vessels are conducting cells. Sieve elements are conducting cells.

Xylem vs Phloem- Definition, 18 Major Differences, Examples

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Differences between xylem and phloem